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« Page as of 2021-02-19, Desktop edition 1.8.1 »

« NOTE: This entire page pertains only to the DESKTOP edition. »


The primary display of the Memento desktop edition is as a screen within a Windows window.

Layout: Panes, Panels, & Sections

The Memento desktop edition window is subdivided into 3 primary panes, generally for libraries (on the left), for entries (in the center), and for field properties & values (on the right). On occasion, such as the opening window, when starting the app, the contents of a pane will be subdivided into sections. Unlike panels, only the content is sectioned, rather than the pane itself.

The Opening screen

When Memento opens, below the typical Windows Title bar and Menu bar, there are 2 panes -- a narrower one on the left and a wider one on the right. Read below about the Libraries pane for the left pane. It doesn't change in format from opening until closing of the app. It will remain after activity begins, while the one on the right is displayed for the opening only.

The opening right pane has the title "Welcome to the Memento Database Desktop". The pane is made up of 3 sections: New Library, Recent, and Help.

The New Library section
offers a link to to create a new library.
The Recent section
is a list of the 5 most-recently accessed libraries listed from most recent to least recent. Each recently-accessed library is accompanied by 2 hyperlinks: Open to open the library and Add an entry to add a new entry to the library.
The Help section
is made up of a list of hyperlinks to Help articles and a pair of hyperlinks -- to the Memento Wiki and to the Memento Users Forum.

The Memento window is populated in various ways, depending upon what is happening in the window. There are always a Windows title bar and a Windows main menu toolbar, and they always have the same format. Beyond that, windows are populated with tiled panes. Panes are often broken down into tiled panels. A pane's content may be presented in sections, each with a title, text, and hyperlinks.

The opening Memento window

The Libraries pane

After opening, the right pane has not changed; it is still the Libraries pane with the same menu buttons. The pane is made up of five buttons -- 2 dropdowns & 3 buttons each of which populates the center pane.

The top & primary dropdown button

My libraries (dropdown list of libraries)
is of libraries within the cloud account of the user. Each library may be downloaded to the device for subsequent use by the user.
Shared with me (dropdown list of libraries)
when clicked, will list the libraries that have been shared with the user, if any.
Public libraries (dropdown list of libraries)
is a dropdown menu of public libraries in the Memento cloud. After dropdown, when any of the buttons is clicked, the right pane is replaced by the base information about the corresponding public library, and a button is offered to download the public library.
Search (button opening a center pane)
replaces the right pane with a libraries search key entry field and an area for search results, once the search is conducted. All libraries are searched by default. A button defaulting to All libraries drops down when clicked to display a list of libraries in the cloud with a checkbox by each one, to enable the user to identify the specific libraries to search.
Catalog templates (button when pressed opens both a center & a right pane)
causes the right pane to be replaced with a list of categories of libraries in the Online Template Catalog, each of which has a button that causes the center pane with a list of the catalog libraries in that category. Pressing one of these will allow the user to download the template to the user's device.

The Entries pane

Once a library is open, the 3 panes described above are established. With the library open, the center pane will contain the library's entries list.

The pane has 3 sections: a toolbar at the top, content selection buttons at the bottom, and most of the pane is filled with the entries list, when the normal & default content button is selected.

Entries: A list of normal entries

The Entries button is selected by default when the pane is populated with data. By default, the view is the List view. The information is formatted as the entry name in a relatively large font across the top of the entry listing. Below that in a smaller, moderately large font is the entry description. Right justified at the right edge of the cell in a relatively smallest font is the entry status.

In all 3 cases, when there are multiple fields of that case, they are displayed in the sequence in which they appear in the Edit Library window.

The listed entries are scrolled when necessary to fit in the list section of the center pane. When an entry is selected, the right pane is populated with that entry's field values. << TBD: Add info re multiple entry selection. >>

Favorites: A list of favorite entries

Only the entries marked as a Favorite are listed.

Recycle Bin: A list of entries in the entries recycle bin


Field pane