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Memento Wiki pages are continually being added and updated. Here are the latest:
Memento Wiki pages are continually being added and updated. Here are the latest:
=== 2021-07-16, Colors, Bill's new works under development ===
:; [[About:Color codes]], [[Glossary]] (updates), [[Guidance:Bill's mementos]], [[Guidance:Bill's tutorials]], [[Guidance:Bill's examples]], [[Useful links]], many updates to field type pages, triggers & examples, etc.
: Bill's new publications are in their infancy & are under development. Things might look pretty wild in there, and they're likely to change frequently.
=== 2020-12-08, Repair of erroneous Link to Entry field page ===
=== 2020-12-08, Repair of erroneous Link to Entry field page ===

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Memento Wiki pages are continually being added and updated. Here are the latest:

2020-12-08, Repair of erroneous Link to Entry field page

Link To Entry field page
Edit of JavaScript field and trigger script references to fields in a remote Library.

2020-04-15, Beginning of addition of Java Tutorial information

Memento Wiki page
New section Update Wed 15 Apr 2020, containing interim Java learning information
Releases page
Mobile release 4.7.5, Desktop releases 1,7,1, 1,8,0, and 1.8.1

2017-12-12, Release of Mobile Edition 4.4.0 and Desktop Edition 1.2.0

Attributes of linked entries page
New page covering this new functionality
Link To Entry field page
Updated with link attributes
Calculation field page
Updated with new functionality for accessing link attributes, etc

2017-03-05, Release of Mobile Edition 4.3.0 and Desktop Edition 1.1.0

Mobile Edition release 4.3.0 and Desktop Edition release 1.1.0 released to beta testing 2017-03-02.
Releases page
Updated with the change log (What's New?) for the new releases
Actions page
New page covering Actions and action scripts
Data Sources page
New page covering Data Sources and Data source scripts
Memento JavaScript Library page
New page; was previously part of the Triggers page. Split out partly because the Triggers page was getting unwieldy, but mainly because the API now applies not only to Triggers, but also to Actions and Data Sources.
Triggers page
Stripped out the JavaScript library API
Trigger Examples page
Like these releases, these pages are in beta testing sms will evolve somewhat.
See http://wiki.mementodatabase.com/index.php/Releases,


Tips:Using JavaScript in Memento page
Expanded JavaScript tips page -- now covers all field types.
See http://wiki.mementodatabase.com/index.php/Tips:Using_JavaScript_in_Memento.


New Tips:Using JavaScript in Memento page
Added a page for Tips:Using JavaScript in Memento (http://wiki.mementodatabase.com/index.php/Tips:Using_JavaScript_in_Memento):: You'll see that it is in its infancy and containsinitially only acts section on Link to Entry fields sms a section on differences between JavaScript field scripts and trigger scripts.


Triggers page
Had previously added a new section in the Triggers page for built-in objects with subsections for the new built-in JSContact and JSGeolocation objects, describing methods and properties. Now added a new Examples section for built-in objects with new examples, one for JSContact, extracting contact information, and one for JSGeolocation, extracting coordinates.
See http://wiki.mementodatabase.com/index.php/Triggers#Built-in_Objects_Examples


Main Page
Relocated the Library Protection page to fall under the new Security subject.
New Privacy Policy page
Offers a link to the privacy policy statement on MementoDatabase.com
See http://wiki.mementodatabase.com/index.php/Privacy_Policy

2016-12-29 - Mobile Edition, Release 4.2.0

Additions for this release:

Triggers page
New JavaScript objects JSContact & JSGeolocation allow more granular access to data
New show() method for Library & Entry objects
Tasker Integration page
New section for Memento as a source of events for Tasker