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For anyone who doesn't know: Vasya writes all of the Memento software. He gets his feedback mostly from UserVoice. So please post your product change requests there.

Bill is a user just like the rest of us, contributing his free time (as if there any such thing anymore) to answer our questions here, and writing all of the content in this wiki.

I'm just another happy Memento user. But out of pure guilt for getting so much software and help for free, I've volunteered to help Bill with the Google Group and this wiki.

While we share a lot of technical background, I'm not as qualified as Bill to answer your specific questions on Memento in the forum, so you won't see me jumping in too much on those yet. Though I will hop in once in a while to suggest how to use Memento to link with other technologies, via web services, Tasker, Zapier, or IFTTT, or to integrate with RDBMS or other SaaS, applications, and APIs. Ping me in the forum if you're looking to use Memento "outside of the box".

My near-term focus will be mostly on the wiki, helping Bill to add and organize documentation. That will include articles on some of the fun stuff above. Secondarily, I will help with some forum features. To be clear, I'm here to help Bill with what he's doing. All decisions still go through him. So if you want something done, let us know, but please don't be offended if I defer back to him.

Please remember, we're doing this for free, and most users are using the software for free. Our scope here is limited to the forum and the wiki. We don't manage product bugs or features.

As a businessman and technician, I also tend to make occasional comments about using free software in a business context. If you are using Memento for personally gain, please don't be offended if I suggest getting professional development assistance to achieve your goals. (That could mean just offering your niece some pizza if she'll write some code for you.)

For anything that you'd really rather keep off-list, please feel free to email here, but I don't respond to abuse, trolls, spam, or requests for yard work.