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Memento Desktop Edition overview

The Memento Database Desktop Edition

Please be aware that this section is currently under development.

Core functions of Memento Database are available not only from the mobile app but from the Desktop Edition for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The libraries created in Desktop Edition are synced via Memento Cloud and so are available on all devices you use.

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The Memento Database Desktop edition is a perfect complement to the Mobile edition. I started with the mobile app and have never looked back. With now over 25 libraries created I can store, manipulate, and manage my personal and small business data in real time, by using either edition.

This section is dedicated to the Desktop edition; however, when appropriate we will identify Desktop features that are different and/or not available in the Mobile edition.

Desktop Edition Welcome Page

Once you launch Memento Database Desktop, you get access to all libraries created from your account and the ones shared with you.

The Welcome page helps you choose where to start:

New Library- create a new Library from scratch and adjust each and every field manually.
Recent- manage libraries already created
Help - find answers to your questions on "Getting Started, Setting up Libraries, Working with data, Reports, Teamwork.

Main window interface

All features of Memento Database Desktop version are available from the main window. It consists of these logical parts:

Title bar - located at the top of the window. Your version of Memento Database and user name is displayed on the left. To the right you will find the familiar minimize, maximize, and close buttons
Menu bar - appears as text directly below the Title bar. Here one can choose “File”, “Account”, and “Help”. Selecting one of these items presents an additional drop down menu of additional commands and information.
Sidebar - appears on the left side of the screen. Here one can navigate through the My libraries folder and the Shared with me folder. Perform a search for entries in a specific library and/or all libraries. Perform a search and download a Catalog template.
Status bar - located in the bottom left corner of the screen shows the notifications about Memento Database cloud usage. For example 127 MB (0%) of 20GB.
Workspace - the workspace is all the area inside the window to the right of the Sidebar. The workspace changes depending on your selection in the Sidebar.

Customizing the window interface

There are two options to customize Memento’s window interface. Bootstrap theme or Classic theme. To choose your theme, select “Help” from the Menu bar, scroll down to “Theme”.

Bootstrap Theme
Bootstrap1.png Bootstrap2.png
Classic Theme
Classic1.png Classic2.png