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Over the years and continuing today, various database technologies and tools have employed/employ distinct nomenclature. In the table below, that of Memento is shown with other leading terminology.

Memento Relational DBMS Spreadsheet
Database Database Directory
Library Table Sheet or Table
Field Column (or Domain or Field) Column
Entry Row (or Record) Row
Link To Entry Foreign key Hyperlink


Memento is a database product, and a user's Memento libraries, together with associated files — including photos, barcodes, and so on — constitute the user's overall Memento database. However, this is NOT a carefully defined term. One could consider the set of libraries within a Group to be a database; or perhaps each set of libraries that are linked together to formulate a solution, aggregated or otherwise. So, database remains a general term.


The set of all libraries in a database can be subdivided into Groups. Groups simplify lists of libraries. They are merely containers; there is no Group functionality.


The initial set of fields for a library is on a tab called MAIN; this is the name of a Page. The user can add more pages; each will have a name and a tab; and each will have its own set of fields. Each entry in a library contains all fields across all pages.

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