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Mobile Edition

The Tags field is an editable text box where you can type in a single word and perform search other entries by it. In version 4.9.2 added the ability to append tags when editing multiple entries.

Name and Hint
Standard across all field types

Advanced Parameters

Default Value
By default, there is no default value. Otherwise, one may be specified.
Make entry of a value mandatory before saving an entry
Data validation
The value of a field may be validated against user-specified criteria. If the validation fails, an error message is displayed on the screen by the field, and the user must take action to resolve the situation before saving the entry.


If the checkbox is unchecked (default), a standard error message will be displayed when the input is invalid.
If the checkbox is checked, a custom error message will be displayed when the input is invalid.
If the Clear button is pressed, the criteria settings will be cleared.
If the Cancel button is pressed, the criteria settings will not be affected, and the criteria pop-up will be dismissed.
If the OK button is pressed, the input data will be accepted and displayed on the screen after the pop-up disappears.

Display Options

Display in the list as

Select among the following roles for the current field:
As a Regular field
As an Entry Name
As an Entry Description
As an Entry Status
Field name
Display the name of the field in the card entry (By default, On). By this, it is meant that the field name either will or will not be displayed on the Entry View card as well as on the Entry Edit card.


Choices are:
Family: Regular, Light, Condensed, Thin, Medium, Monospace, ::Serif Monospace. By default, Regular.
Style: Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic. By default, Normal.
Size: By default, 15. Direct entry to change.
Color: By default, White. Palette of 20 colors, backed up by a continuously variable color chooser.
Dependencies of the field
Ability to add one or more visibility dependencies upon fields with qualifying types.

Desktop Edition

A Tags field holds a set of values. A Tag is a word, so to express multiple words as a tag, one needs to defuse a plan where spaces delineate the words, but rather some other character like an underscore (_) or hyphen (-) can indicate a division among words. This example, "black swan" could be rendered as "black_swan" or "black-swan" (without the quotes). Some might use capitalization, like "blackSwan".


Same as in the Mobile Edition
Default value
Same as in the Mobile Edition
Same as in the Mobile Edition
Selecting this option ensures that a tag entry will be unique. Can only be set in the Desktop edition.