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Getting started with the Memento Database application


In this article we cover the three methods available to get you started in creating your database. We do this under three levels. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. However, no matter the level you wish to start with, the first thing one should do is create a plan on paper, an outline or blueprint of what you want to accomplish with your database. SeeHow:Add a Library

For example, let us say you are an avid reader and have a library of books. You want to keep track of the books you have read, books you have loaned out to family, and books you want to purchase or obtain from your local library. Our blueprint is as follows:

Library Name:
My Books

Fields: SeeField Type

  • Series Number - An integer field to enter the number of the series.
  • Series name - A text field to enter the name of the series.
  • Title - A text field to enter the name of the book.
  • Author - A text field to enter the name of the author.
  • Genre - A multiple choice list to choose the genre: Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, SciFi, Medical Thriller, Cookbook, Health, Mystery, Finance, Crime Fiction, Legal Fiction
  • Short Description - A text field to enter the books introduction.
  • Lent To? - A contact field which links to a person in your devices contact app.
  • Lent On - A date field to enter the date the book was lent out.
  • Rating - A rating field to rate the book from 1 star to 5 star.
  • Obtained From - A single choice list to choose from a defined list of options: Library, Local Store, Online, My Bookshelf
  • Price - A currency field to track value of the library.
  • Status - A single choice list to to define a book as Read, Unread, Want
  • Book Cover - An image field for book covers.
  • Barcode - A barcode field to record a books ISBN.

Within your library you will have entries which are equivalent to a row within a spreadsheet, and fields which are equivalent to columns within a spreadsheet. In a spreadsheet rows run horizontally while columns run vertically and in Memento it is exactly the same.