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[[#BethsWIP|Jump to Beth's work in progress]]
[[#BethsWIP|Jump to Beth's work in progress]]
== Bill's scratchpad ==
=== Sergio's photographic equipment email ===
I have a LOT of camera equipment (Camera, Lens, Filters, tripods, bags, etc.). I want to be able to create records of all of this equipment for personal inventory as well as insurance purposes.
So far, none of the prebuilt programs I have looked at covered all of the data that I wanted to track on a per item basis, so I decided to use this program, some research into existing templates and a lot of soul-searching to create my own me-friendly database. So far so good. I spent all day yesterday architecting  starting database. As will all programming, there will be further minor changes (new fields, verbiage tweaks, section grouping changes, etc.). That said, I am very happy with my initial go at this.
So, in this bare bones example, I have a camera entry, a lens entry, and a filter entry.
In real life, ALL three of these items are physically part of the same "group/unit", The Lens is attached to the camera body and the filter is attached to that particular lens.
While I still want to keep each item as their own separate record, I also want to link these 3 records together to visually show this relationship. And at some point, i want this grouping be part of a larger grouping (in a camera bag with other items for example).
=== Wikitable background colors ===
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| bgcolor="#F0F0F0"
| wikitable header row
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| bgcolor="#F8F8F8"
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== Work completed ==
== Work completed ==

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