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== Memento Desktop Edition ==
== Memento Desktop Edition ==
=== Release 1.6.0, 2019-03-22 ===
* Calendar view that allows you to look through library entries in a calendar. Calendar view is available if there is at least one Date/Time field in the Library.
* Added ability to search among million icons and use them in your libraries. This feature is powered by IconFinder.
* New type of action script - Bulk Action. To start this script, choose the item with its name from the context menu of entries. The selected entries are available in the script via selectedEntries() function.
* Added Estonian translation
* Added Swedish translation
* Updated translations
=== Release 1.5.0, 2018-11-19 ===
* Added ability to display records on a map.
* Added ability to group entries by day, month, or year.
* Added ability to search library templates in the online catalog.
* The reports can display multiple photos in one field.
* Bug fixes.

=== Release 1.4.5, 2018-08-01 ===
=== Release 1.4.5, 2018-08-01 ===