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== Memento Mobile Edition ==
== Memento Mobile Edition ==
=== Mobile Edition release 4.3.0, Desktop Edition release 1.1.0 ===
* Added ability to include in scripts '''JavaScript libraries and custom code from repositories at'''. Where to find it: edit script > add JavaScript libraries > tab Repositories.
* '''Initiate scripts from button'''. Ability to request parameters from user to be passed to the script. How to create stripes: library > menu > Script > + > Action.
* Ability to '''use scripts as a data source for Autofill fields'''. How: edit library> tab Autofill > + > Script.
* Scripts: The following '''properties are added to the object Entry''' - creationTime, lastModifiedTime, author.
* Scripts: The following '''methods for connecting entries''' to object Entry - link(name, entry) / unlink(name, entry)
* Scripts: '''Function exit()''' is added, which stops script execution.
* CORRECTION: Select image from Google Drive.
* CORRECTION: Possible sync errors with Google Sheets library when the number of fields is large.
* Added capability to turn off certain addresses during import of field Coordinate.

=== Release 4.2.0, 2016-12-28 ===
=== Release 4.2.0, 2016-12-28 ===

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