Synchronizing data

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To initiate Sheets synchronization for a library:
# Link the library to a new or existing Sheets file on Google Drive by opening the Library Entries List screen and then its Action menu. If the library is already set up to synchronize with a Sheets file, the option will be entitled "Sync with Google Sheets". If not, it will be entitled "Link To Google Sheets". Since we are initiating sync, select ''Link to Google Sheets''.
# A card will appear with options an option ''Link to new document'' and ''Link to existing document''. If you want to create a new Google spreadsheet with records from the Memento library, select ''Link to new document''. In this case, a new Google Sheets file will be created on the Google Drive (access to that account required) in the root (My Drive) directory, and a sheet row will be created for every library entry. You can then use Google Sheets to view, edit, add, and delete rows/entries.# Select ''Link to existing document'' if you already have a Google spreadsheet created previously, with data that you want to link to your Memento library.<br/>'''Please note''': When establishing the link to an existing Google spreadsheet, the data is transferred in just one direction &mdash; either from Memento to Google or from Google to Memento. The user is prompted for the direction.
# To synchronize changes made in Memento and Google Sheets, open the library's Action menu and select ''Sync with Google Sheets''.
* All files attached to entries of a library are uploaded to Google Drive, in a folder called Name_library.files
* Links to uploaded files are saved in a column of the Google spreadsheet with the name Name_field.http
=== Restoring the library from Google Sheets ===
You can restore libraries that have been synchronized with Google Sheets.
In the Libraries List screen, select ''Add library'' from the Action Menu. In the list of templates that opens, select ''Restore from Google''.
Then you will see all the libraries synchronized with the current Google account. After selecting a library, it will be created on your mobile device and will receive all the data from the linked Google spreadsheet.
=== Notes ===
:; Some one-direction-only field types: Memento allows you to synchronize fields of all types.<br/>However, Calculation, JavaScript, & Contact fields are synchronized in one direction only &mdash; from Memento to Google.
== Synchronization between two or more devices without the Memento Cloud, using Google Sheets ==
To sync a library between devices, synchronization with the Memento Cloud is the recommended solution. See [[Cloud storage and Teamwork]]. If use of the Memento Cloud is not possible or desired, you can use the following method, but note the caveat below.
# On all devices, select the same Google account. On the main device, synchronize the library with Google Sheets.
# On the other devices, download the library, as described in the previous section.
'''Caveat:''' If the library is restructured, changes on one of the devices (for example, adding new types of fields) are not transferred to the other devices. You need to repeat the procedure for linking libraries for all the other devices.
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