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Bill's mementos

« NOTE: This page is under development. Please disregard its contents. »

Articles on the use & programming of Memento

Bill's mementos are sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly forum postings published within the Memento wiki. They are being started by Bill Crews, with support from Beth Dixon, initially focused on areas Bill knows best that others may generally know less about, to provide the most benefit before losing Bill as a resource.


Questions Answers
What are Bill's mementos? Articles on the use of Memento & JavaScript published periodically by Bill Crews, Memento user & originator of the Memento wiki. Many of the mementos introduce & link to a tutorial located in the wiki.
How do Bill's mementos work? When a new memento is ready for publication, the associated tutorial, if any, will be inserted into the wiki. Then the article (or introduction, if there is a tutorial) will be posted in the forum. The mementos will be numbered and dated. A record of them will (probably) also be recorded in the wiki.
What do mementos look like? Bill's memento #10, Jun 29 2021

If this memento contains no reference to a tutorial, the memento will basically be a set of paragraphs, set off as appropriate by headings. The article may include lists, tables, & possibly images, like a magazine article would.

Bill's memento #11, Jun 30 2021. Tutorial 2.3: How to use a library to supply Autofill data for another library

Since this memento references a tutorial, these paragraphs will be an introduction for it, setting context for it, giving the objectives, approach, etc.

See Bill's tutorial #2.3: How to use a library to supply Autofill data for another library.

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