Single-choice List field

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A Single-choice List library field is an ordered set of text strings from which a user might select one. A Single-choice List entry field contains either an empty string or a string value chosen from this list.

The value of a Single-choice List field may be used as a dependency to determine visibility of other fields during entry creation and edit.

During import or sync with Google, if a value is found that is not in the list, it will be created.

During import, export, or sync with Google Sheets, the list is externalized by concatenation using a comma separator (", ").

Name and Hint

Standard across all field types.

Advanced Parameters

Where you can edit
Unlike most field types, Single-choice List fields can be displayed and edited (changed, checked/unchecked) in the list directly, though by default, a field will be displayed in the Entry View and Entry Edit cards and may be edited in the Entry Edit Card.
Make entry of a value mandatory before saving an entry

Display Options

Display in the list as
Select among the following roles for the current field:
  • As a Regular field
  • As an Entry Name
  • As an Entry Description
  • As an Entry Status
Display field name in Entry Edit Card?
By default, yes.
Choices are:
  • Family: Regular, Light, Condensed, Thin, Medium. By default, Regular.
  • Style: Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic. By default, Normal.
  • Size: By default, 18. Direct entry to change.
  • Color: By default, White. Palette of 20 colors, backed up by a continuously variable color chooser.
Ability to add one or more visibility dependencies upon fields with qualifying types.