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Memento Mobile Edition

Release 4.1.0

Released to beta testing 2016-11-21
  • Team is a new category of tariffs for Business users. Team tariffs allow to have a centralized control over accounts and PRO licenses. Where: main slide menu > Cloud Storage > Users button.
  • User groups and control of access to certain library fields. These functions are available only for Team.
  • Added ability to set a separator for values of fields displayed in entry lists as the entry name or description.
  • Added ability to set captions for photos.
  • Added ability to change the sequence of entries in fields like “Link to an entry”.
  • A subheader for fields – a new library structure element. Fields located under subheader can be collapsed/expanded on entry cards. How: editing library > fields > + > subheader
  • Added ability to hide aggregation results on the lower toolbar of the library. Hidden aggregation results will be displayed upon pressing the lower toolbar.

Release 4.0.0

Released to beta testing 2016-10-07
  • Triggers. A trigger is a script that defines the processing for an entry based on an event that is taking place. When a trigger script is executed, it may change an existing entry, create a new entry, execute an HTTP request, create a file, perform data balidation, etc.
  • Tasker and Locale support via Locale plug-in
  • All library comments are displayed in a single place. Where: libray > slide menu > Comments
  • Fast switching of filters in the list of entries by Tabs. How: library > slide menu > Tabs
  • Generation and display of a bar code when the user clicks the corresponding field in the entry card.
  • Possibility to export and import library templates along with filters.
  • Added ability to set unit of measure for numeric fields. Where: editing field > Unit of Measurement
  • Option to set date/time display format for fields. Where: editing field > Date and time formats
  • Possibility to set the time up to the second in fields Time and Date/Time. How to enable: select the seconds format in the format settings.
  • Continuous barcode data entry. How: menu > view > List.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Release 3.9.7

Released to beta testing 2016-07-21
  • Type of relationship for "Link to entry" field types: One-to-one, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many.
  • Added ability to open edit form by clicking on an entry. How to enable : library > menu > settings > edit mode
  • Added ability manually enter location (latitude and longitude).
  • Added Greek language.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Release 3.9.6

  • Improved file upload speed.
  • Improved Android 6.0 compatibility.
  • Added ability to set the divider for multi-choice fields.
  • The new user permission for cloud - allow user view only for own entries in shared library.
  • Fixed a bug in aggregation by linked entries (min, max) in calculated field.
  • Fixed sorting by date.

Release 3.9.0

  • Javascript field
  • Added ability to display the edit screen in full-screen mode (for tablets).
  • Added ability to sort and rename filters.
  • Added ability to use the value from the previous entry as a default value in added to the numeric field.
  • Added ability to enable automatec sorting of elements for choice fields.

Release 3.8.8

  • Multiple dependencies for one field.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Release 3.8.5

  • Support Android 6.0 runtime permission.
  • Added switch function for calculated field.

Release 3.8.0

  • Receipt of notifications of all modifications in teh libraryies made by other users (only for subscribers). How: library > slide menu > Cloud > Notifications.
  • Comment on entries uploaded to the cloud. How: card of entry > Comment button on the right-bottom of screen.
  • Manager of files related to the library. It allows to download alll files from the cloud just with a press of a button. Also, search for lost files is available now (for example, if they were relocated to another catalog/media). Where: open a library > slide menu > Files.
  • New field type - RichText. Rich text fields give you a Redactor-powered WYSIWYG editor.
  • Preview of the results of calculations when editing the formula of a Calculation field.
  • Access from calulations to the values of fields of related entries. For details, see Help.
  • Now it is possible to place a shortcut of new entries quick createion on teh Launcher desktop. How: open a library > menu > Create Shortcut > Create entry.
  • Sorting and use of aggregation formulas from the master library are now available for the list of related master entryes. How: edit a subordinate library > fields > master library > dots > Display aggregation.

Release 3.7.0

  • App widget. It displays all entries of the selected library. You can also add new entries to the library using this widget.
  • New field types - Readio Buttons and Checkboxes.

Entry export to PDF. How: card of entry > menu > save as PDF, only for Android 4.4 or higher.

  • Now it is possible to place two fields side-by-side. How: editing library > fields > dots > one row with prev.
  • Editing of multiple entries. How: choose several entries (long -pressing of an entry evalbles the entry selection mode), press Edit button on the action toolbar and choose the field to be edited.
  • Now the following fields are equipped with a filter: Contact, Link to Entry, Calculation with the text result.
  • Call of the calculator for numberic fields. How: editing field > Calculator. Upon enabling of this option, the button of calculator opening will be displaed to the right of the input field.
  • Thousands separators for numeric fields. How: editoing field > Thousands separators.
  • Type of the Rating field -- tips for values. How: editing field > Tooltips. Tips are displaed on teh entry edit card and when the field is displayed in the form of entry description.
  • Field fonts cusotmmization (size, colo, style). How: editing field > Font.

Memento Desktop Edition