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Memento is currently available in two editions: The Mobile Edition and the Desktop Edition. The Mobile Edition runs on Android devices, while the Desktop Edition runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple Macintosh.

The editions are generally functionally equivalent, with the features of the Desktop Edition coming up to speed with those of the Mobile Edition, with that work prioritized based on demand from the user community. (So, continue to express your features of interest at to influence those priorities.)

The Mobile Edition

The Mobile Edition was initially developed for Android devices (primarily smartphones and tablets), and Memento development for the Android platform actively continues.

The basic Mobile Edition is free. For a small one-time fee, one can obtain a license for Memento Pro, which enables the following:

  • Unlimited synchronization with Google Sheets
  • Unlimited library protection
  • Unlimited charting
  • Backup of files with libraries
  • An app widget

You can get that license at

Installing the Mobile Edition on Android devices

Memento Database in the Google Play store:

The Desktop Edition

After a beta period, the Desktop Edition is now released, and development is actively proceeding.

Downloading the Desktop Edition

Intallation packages for Windows x64, Windows x86, and Cross-platform Java jar file can be found at (

The Windows installation files include the version of Java that is needed. The jar file contains only Memento and relies on the Java implementation installed on the platform.

Synchronizing across devices and platforms

Synchronization of Memento databases across desktop and mobile platforms is performed through the Memento Cloud.