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The Memento standalone/client application is offered in two editions: the Mobile Edition and the Desktop Edition.

The Memento Mobile Edition
The Mobile Edition was developed first and is available only for Google Android platforms. It is available for installation in the Google Play Store.
The Memento Desktop Edition
The Desktop Edition was developed beginning in 2016 and runs as a Java application. It has been tested for some Linux, Apple Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows releases. It can be downloaded and installed from the Memento Web site.

Users with accounts may choose to join the Beta Testing program. Program members will receive beta testing versions of the software, in place of production versions, whenever a beta release is available.

Comparison of features on mobile & desktop editions

This section is under development. Stay tuned for its completion.

« Page as of 2017-01-14, editions Mobile 4.2.1, Desktop 1.0.7 »

Feature Mobile Free Mobile Pro Desktop Lite Desktop Full

— Libraries & Templates —
Storing, listing, viewing, and editing entries and library & field definitions Yes Yes Yes Yes
The following field types: text, integer, real, boolean, date/time, rating, checkboxes, radio buttons, currency, image, signature, file, audio, contact, calculation, JavaScript, location Yes Yes Yes Yes
Viewing and editing fields on pages other than the MAIN page Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online catalog of library templates -- thousands of templates available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grouping libraries to organize databases with a large number of libraries Yes Yes No No
One-to-many, one-to-one, and many-to-many relationships between libraries Yes Yes Yes Yes

— Entries & Lists —
Aggregating, sorting, grouping, and filtering entries by any fields — "slicing & dicing", or ad hoc data analysis Yes Yes No Yes
Displaying data in the form of a list, table, as cards, on a map, or in a calendar Yes Yes No No
Charts: Pie, Line, Bar, Columns, Area, Scatter, Stepped Area Yes Yes No No

— Calculation, scripting, & app integration —
Sending entries via e-mail, and other available services Yes Yes No No
Sending entries via SMS On phones On phones No No

— Special Content —
Searching entries in libraries by barcode Yes Yes No No
Reminders Yes Yes No No

— Import, Export, Backup, Restore, and Synchronization with Google Sheets —
Backing up and restoring data Yes Yes No No
Synchronization with Google Sheets Yes Yes No No
Importing and exporting CSV files, permitting interoperation with popular programs like Microsoft Excel Yes Yes No Yes

— Sharing, Teamwork, Collaboration, and Synchronization with the Memento Cloud —
Teamwork, by providing access to libraries to other users Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to data from several Android devices and from laptop and desktop computers; users can work with the same libraries on their phones, tablets, and PCs. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Library Protection (encrypt entries using AES-128) Yes Yes No No