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File menu allows you to:

  • Create a New library from scratch.
  • Create a New group
  • Find and Open by URL a Library from Memento Cloud. To find the needed link, click Properties item from the Library menu.
  • Refresh library list
  • Rebuild search index- select this option if you are encountering problems with slow searches, not finding things that should be indexed, or searches crashing.
  • Logout from your personal account.
  • Exit Memento Database Desktop

Account menu allows you to:

  • Get more information about Plans and Pricing and upgrade your subscription.
  • Account Settings review your Username, Email address for the account, Full name, upload an Avatar, change your password.
  • Get access to Users Manager to create users and user groups and adjust their permissions.
  • Access Tokens Starting from Memento Database 1.6.1, you can use Zapier in connection with Memento to create automated tasks for a great range of third-party apps. Zapier triggers various actions you perform in your Library and activates tasks in other apps or vice versa. You can create a token for a certain Library or for all of them and define whether Zapier will be able to Read entries — get access to their content, Write them — change the content of an entry or Create the new ones

Help menu allows you to:

  • Get more Help from the Knowledge Base at Similar to this Wiki you will find articles on the basics of Memento Database: core features, essential terms, pricing model and main components. Also, if you are unable to find answers to your queries here, you will find ho-to guides for Memento Desktop and Android Editions there, in the Knowledge Base.
  • Get more information on Getting Started from here
  • Visit Memento Webpage with the basic information about both Desktop and Mobile Editions, pricing, useful links and more
  • Go to Users Forum with customers' requests and discussions
  • Switch the interface Language
  • Change your Theme
  • Check for an Update of Memento Database Edition, select Update for the Beta channel
  • Get the short info in About of the project