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| [[Calculation field]]
| [[Calculation field]]
[[JavaScript field]]
[[JavaScript field]]
<br/>[[Using Tasker]]
<br/>[[Tasker Integration]]

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The Memento Wiki

This wiki is under development. As such, it will occasionally just stop, perhaps with red links indicating pages yet to be written.

The existing User manual and FAQ have been mostly subsumed within the wiki. They remain for reference, but their content has not been updated in quite a while and generally will not be updated going forward, When their content is completely subsumed within the wiki, they will be removed.

Areas of new growth will be How & Techniques pages, Examples, additional Overview pages, and Articles, including tutorials, as initial versions of all Spec pages have been created.

Read more about this wiki.


Quick Index

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Memento Database Memento Database User Interface
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Library Template

Libraries List screen

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How:Add a Library
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Field Edit card
Field Role
Field Type

Audio field

Barcode field
Boolean field
Calculation field
Checkboxes field
Contact field
Currency field
Date field
DateTime field
Email Address field
Hyperlink field
Image field
Integer field
Integer values field
JavaScript field
Link To Entry field
Link To File field
Location field
Multiple-choice List field
Password field
Phone Number field
Radio Buttons field
Rating field
Real number field
Rich Text field
Signature field
Single-choice List field
Text field
Time field

& lists

Slicing & Dicing

Entry View card

Entry Edit card

How:Access a Previous Entry

How:Slice & Dice Library Data

& cards
Screens & Cards Attached Files card

Charts List screen
Entry Edit card
Entry View card
File Manager card
Libraries List screen
Library Edit screen
Library Entries List screen

Linking Calculation field

Link To Entry field
Link To File field

& dicing
Slicing & Dicing


Library Entries List screen How:Slice & Dice Library Data
Calculation, scripting,
& app integration
Scripting Calculation field

JavaScript field
Tasker Integration

Special content Audio field

Barcode field
Contact field
Location field
Rich Text field
Signature field

& settings
Memento Settings
Import, export,
backup, restore
Synchronizing data

Backup & Restore

Importing and exporting data

Formatting Templates screen

Cloud, platforms,
& collaboration

Library Protection
Synchronizing data

Cloud Library Status card
Private Server
& Client for business
Overall Glossary

Memento Wiki

Tutorial:Simple To Do List

Tutorial:Simple To Do List Enhancements


To start at the beginning, read the Memento Overview.
Read Library Overview about Memento's primary data structure.
The Field Overview will get you started on the elements of data structure within libraries.

Stay tuned for articles about Memento and its use.


Begin with User Interface for descriptions of screens, cards, menus, buttons, dialogs, etc. Stay tuned for more.

Field Type is perhaps the most popular specification page.

Memento Editions & their Platforms

Memento is offered in two editions: the Mobile Edition and the Desktop Edition.

The Memento Mobile Edition
The Mobile Edition was developed first and is available only for Android platforms.
The Memento Desktop Edition
The Desktop Edition was developed in 2016 and runs as a Java application. It has been tested for some Linux, Apple Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows releases.

Comparison of features on mobile & desktop editions

This section is under development. Stay tuned for its completion.

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Feature Mobile Edition Desktop Edition

— Libraries & Templates —
Storing, listing, viewing, and editing entries and library & field definitions Yes Yes
The following field types: text, integer, real, boolean, date/time, rating, checkboxes, radio buttons, currency, image, signature, file, audio, contact, calculation, JavaScript, Google Maps coordinates Yes Yes
Online catalog of library templates -- thousands of templates available Yes Yes
Grouping libraries to organize databases with a large number of libraries Yes No
One-to-many, one-to-one, and many-to-many relationships between libraries Yes

— Entries & Lists —
Aggregating, sorting, grouping, and filtering entries by any fields — "slicing & dicing", or ad hoc data analysis Yes
Displaying data in the form of a list, table, on a map, or in a calendar Yes
Charts: Pie, Line, Bar, Columns, Area, Scatter, Stepped Area Yes

— Calculation, scripting, & app integration —
Sending entries via SMS, e-mail, and other available services Yes

— Special Content —
Searching entries in libraries by barcode Yes
Reminders Yes

— Import, Export, Backup, Restore, and Synchronization with Google Sheets —
Backing up and restoring data Yes
Synchronization with Google Sheets Yes
Importing and exporting CSV files, permitting interoperation with popular programs like Microsoft Excel Yes Yes

— Sharing, Teamwork, Collaboration, and Synchronization with the Memento Cloud —
Teamwork, by providing access to libraries to other users Yes
Access to data from several Android devices and from laptop and desktop computers; users can work with the same libraries on their phones, tablets, and PCs. Yes Yes
Library protection (encrypt entries using AES-128) Yes