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Index to the Mobile edition UI (User Interface)

Creating a new mobile UI section based on Beth's desktop up section

The mobile Memento UI (user interface) The desktop Memento UI (user interface)

Topics Overviews Specifications Help
Navigating the app Using screens & cards

Analyzing your data
(viewing it various ways to understand it better)

Managing files

The Libraries List screen (Memento home screen)

The Entries List screen
(View list (optionally aggregated), Sort (reorder) them, Group them, Filter them, Chart them)

➤ The Library Edit screen (Library data structure screen)
➤ The Entry View card
➤ The Entry Edit card
➤ The File Manager card
➤ The Attached Files card

Designing a database
& setting up the libraries

What is a Library?
Library Structure
Relationships in a Library

Creating a new library

Making your data work for you Using the Entries List screen to visualize & analyze your data
Teamwork features

Users & user groups

Shared Libraries

Data Analysis in the Desktop edition (aka Slicing & dicing)
Sorting, grouping, filtering, charting, aggregation

« NOTE: As of Nov 2021, this section is merely a paste of the same section for the mobile edition. I don't have much experience with data analysis in the Desktop edition, so maybe someone (Beth, maybe with Ernst's help?) might fix it up to be accurate for the Desktop edition? -Bill »

Memento provides the ability to view entries in the Entries List as a straightforward list of entries. In addition, it provides an assortment of list features the user can use:

  • to sort or view the entries in various orders (sequences),
  • to filter the data to see only the entries you want to see, view entries in groups with subtotals,
  • to chart or view the entries' field values plotted on a chart to give the user a visual image of how the data values relate to each other,
  • and to aggregate or view totals & subtotals, averages, minimums, or maximums.
Topics Overviews Specs Guidance
Data visualization & analysis (Slicing & Dicing)
Sort/rearrange, group, filter, chart, aggregate
Aggregating data

Charting data

Entries List screen Slicing & dicing (visualizing & analyzing) library data

End of the new mobile UI section based on Beth's desktop up section

Overviews Specifications
The Android platform and soon iOS, too
How:Data analysis (Slicing & Dicing):
(Sorting, grouping, filtering, aggregation, & charting)

Charting data
How:Slice & Dice Library Data
Screens & cards

Libraries List screen

Library Edit screen
Entries List screen
Entry Edit card
Entry View card
File Manager card
Attached Files card
Charting data

Data Analysis in the Mobile edition — Slicing & dicing:
Sorting, grouping, filtering, charting, aggregation

Topics Overviews Specs Guidance
Data analysis (Slicing & Dicing) Aggregation

Charting data

Entries List screen Slice & Dice Library Data