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Home of the Memento Wiki

This is the home page of the Memento user wiki.

  • To access or read about the Memento wiki 2022, continue reading this section.
  • To access or read about the Memento Database application, see The Memento Database application.


Welcome to the Memento Database wiki!

It was developed by enthusiastic users of the Memento Database app starting in 2016. Please stay tuned for the upcoming major update of the wiki in the coming months — the Memento Wiki 2022.

To make use of the wiki right now, note the banner menu at the top of the page. Together with this Home page, the menu is intended to be the primary gateway for you to access all the pages published in the wiki.

For more about the Memento wiki, read this.

Getting started with the Memento wiki
Read here to see how to get started using the Memento wiki.

Getting started with the Memento Wiki

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Receiving Memento product updates

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Getting Memento Database support


Getting Memento wiki support


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Main index

This index gives you quick access to all pages in all sections of the wiki.


The Memento database application, like most applications, is composed of 3 parts: the user interface, the application, and the data structure. The index is divided into the following sections:

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  • Memento overview - editions & platforms
  • Database structure - libraries, fields, & entries
  • User interface - Using the Mobile edition, Android platform
  • User interface - Using the Mobile edition, iOS platform
  • User interface - Using the Desktop edition, Windows platform
  • User interface - Using the Desktop edition, MacOS platform
  • User interface - Using the Desktop edition, Linux platform
  • Making a database into an application - Scripting, Orchestration, etc
  • Administration - backup/restore, Import/Export, etc
  • Support - Yada

Memento Database
Information about the Memento Database app
Memento Database Overview
Words, terms, acronyms, & phrases in Memento
Useful links
Links to additional or related information
Publication of the Memento mobile & desktop apps
User Interface
How:Getting Started
About:Bill's mementos
About:Bill's tutorials
About:Bill's examples
Tutorial:Simple To Do List
Tutorial:Simple To Do List Enhancements
About:Color codes
CaseStudy:Designing Memento databases:Photographic equipment

Index to the Mobile edition UI (User Interface)

Overviews Specifications
The Android platform and soon iOS, too
How:Data analysis (Slicing & Dicing):
(Sorting, grouping, filtering, aggregation, & charting)

Charting data
How:Slice & Dice Library Data
Screens & cards

Libraries List screen

Library Edit screen
Entries List screen
Entry Edit card
Entry View card
File Manager card
Attached Files card
Charting data

Data Analysis in the Mobile edition — Slicing & dicing:
Sorting, grouping, filtering, charting, aggregation

Topics Overviews Specs Guidance
Slicing & Dicing


Entries List screen

Charting data

How:Slice & Dice Library Data

Index to the Desktop edition UI (User Interface)

Navigating the menus

Main Window menu bar
Library Window menu bar


Setting up Libraries

What is Library?
Library Structure
Relationships in a Library

Creating a new library

Working with data

Creating an entry
Managing data
Rearranging data
Filtering data
Grouping data



Table Report
Forms Report
Jasper Report


Shared Libraries

Data Analysis in the Desktop edition (aka Slicing & dicing)
Sorting, grouping, filtering, charting, aggregation

Memento provides the ability to view entries in the Entries List as a straightforward list of entries. In addition, it provides an assortment of list features the user can use:

  • to sort or view the entries in various orders (sequences),
  • to filter the data to see only the entries you want to see, view entries in groups with subtotals,
  • to chart or view the entries' field values plotted on a chart to give the user a visual image of how the data values relate to each other,
  • and to aggregate or view totals & subtotals, averages, minimums, or maximums.
Topics Overviews Specs Guidance
Slicing & Dicing


Entries List screen

Charting data

How:Slice & Dice Library Data


See About:Architecture of the Memento app to see how Memento works & is put together.

The Database index Index into the database tier: the components of data structure -- Libraries, Fields, Entries, and so on
The Scripting index Index into the Scripting tier: the components of data analysis -- Scripting, Calculation, & App Integration, which includes capabilities like defining your own actions to be taken when events take place in the user interface or database tiers
Support index Support for Memento, the forum, User Voice, the and the wiki

Appendix: Scripting (extending) Memento: Defining your own actions to be taken when events take place

The application section is made up of the Memento app itself and then, optionally, actions to be taken as specified by scripting by the user, as described in the App tier index.

Appendices: Other: Text that might go here or there and must be edited

Installation & settings

Topics Overviews
Installation & settings Memento Settings

Import, export, synchronization, backup, & restore

Topics Overviews Help
Backup & Restore Importing and exporting data

How:Importing and exporting data
Formatting Templates screen
How:Formatting Templates screen

How:Backup & Restore

Tips:File Attachments

Cloud, platforms, & collaboration

Topics Overviews Specifications
Editions & Platforms

Cloud storage and Teamwork

About:Editions & Platforms

About:Cloud storage and Teamwork

Spec:Cloud Library Status card


Topics Specifications Help
Library Protection

Privacy Policy

Spec:Library Protection Guidance:Privacy Policy


Topics Overviews Help
Memento Client Applications Memento Clients Tips:Team for Business

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