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== The '''''Memento Database application''''' indices ==
== The '''''Memento Database application''''' indices ==
=== The Memento application structure ===
You generally don't have to concern yourself about Memento's structure. It takes care of everything for you. However, it is important that you know where in the wiki, in Help, or in online or other computer literature to read about the various layers & parts of Memento. So. we'll start with the bottom line, the ''simplified summary'', because if you choose to read about this, we'll have you in ''tiers'' (ha) — as in the ''tiers'' of a ''3-tier application architecture''. Seriously, the subject is large, but it nevertheless boils down to what's in the following paragraph.
;Simplified summary: The Memento application has a 3-''layer'' structure (effectively the same as a 3-''tier'' architecture, which matters because it is how you'll read about it in literature on the subject) that almost entirely runs on your device. In the Memento wiki, we call them...
*The ''user interface'' layer, which is what you see on the screen & interact with using your fingers or a keyboard & mouse
*The ''scripting'' layer, running on your device and providing the programming logic to handle the data as you want
*The ''database'' layer, running mostly on your device & handled without bothering you when your data in the cloud needs to be accessed
To read further about Memento's structure read [[About:MementoStructure|here]].
== The Memento application ''User-interface'' layer ==
== The Memento application ''User-interface'' layer ==

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The Memento Database application is a personal & professional database application that comes in 2 editions, each of which run on various computing platforms. Memento Database runs within the Java Runtime Environment.

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  • The Mobile edition — an edition that runs on mobile device platforms, such as Google's Android OS and Apple's iOS OS.
    • The edition on the Android platform dates back to 2015 or earlier.
    • The edition on the iOS platform has not yet been released (as of Jan 2022 and is currently undergoing beta testing.
  • The Desktop edition — an edition first released in 2017, simultaneously for these platforms...
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