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<br/>[[Library Protection]]
<br/>[[Library Protection]]
| style="width:25%;" | [[How:Add a Library]]
| style="width:25%;" | [[How:Add a Library]]
=== Fields, pages, & subheaders '''''(both editions)''''' ===
{| class="wikitable" font-size="100%"
! Topics !! Field !! Specifications
| style="width:25%;" | [[Field]]
[[Field Edit card]]
<br/>[[Field Role]]
<br/>[[Field Type]]
<br>[[How:Field Dependencies|Field Dependencies]]
<br>[[Tips:Using JavaScript in Memento|Using JavaScript in Memento]]
| style="width:25%;" | <big>'''''Text fields'''''</big>
:[[Text field|Text]]
:[[Rich Text field|Rich text (HTML)]]
:[[Phone Number field|Phone number]]
:[[Email Address field|Email address]]
:[[Hyperlink field|Hyperlink]]
:[[Password field|Password]]
:[[Barcode field|Barcode]]
<big>'''''Numeric'' fields'''</big>
:[[Integer field|Integer]]
:[[Integer values field|Integer values]]
:[[Currency field|Currency]]
:[[Real number field|Real number]]
:[[Rating field|Reading]]
<big>'''''Choice'' fields'''</big>
:[[Boolean field|Boolean]]
:[[Single-choice List field|Single-choice list]]
:[[Radio Buttons field|Radio buttons]]
:[[Multiple-choice List field|Multiple-choice list]]
:[[Checkboxes field|Checkboxes]]
:[[List field|Dynamic List]]
<big>'''''Calculated expression'' fields'''</big>
:[[JavaScript field|JavaScript]]
:[[Calculation field|Calculation]]
| style="width:25%;" |<big>'''''Date'' fields'''</big>
:[[Date field|Date]]
:[[DateTime field|DateTime]]
<big>'''''Time'' fields'''</big>
:[[Time field|Time]]
:[[DateTime field|DateTime]]
<big>'''''Linking'' fields'''</big>
:[[Link To Entry field|Link to entry]]
:[[Link To File field|Link to file]]
<big>'''''Media'' fields'''</big>
:[[Audio field|Audio]]
:[[Image field|Image]]
:[[Signature field|Signature]]
<big>'''''Miscellaneous'' fields'''</big>
:[[Contact field|Contact]]
:[[Location field|Location]]
:[[Tags field|Tags]]
<hr><big>'''''Special content'' fields'''</big>
:[[Audio field]]
:[[Barcode field]]
:[[Contact field]]
:[[Location field]]
:[[Rich Text field]]
:[[Signature field]]

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Home of the Memento Wiki

This is the home page of the Memento user wiki.


Welcome to the Memento Database wiki. It was developed by enthusiastic users of the Memento Database app starting in 2016. Please stay tuned for the upcoming major update of the wiki later this year.

The wiki seeks to provide any information ancillary to the Memento products themselves that will be helpful in using Memento to assist in users' lives, careers, pursuits, etc.

To make use right now of the wiki, take note the banner menu at the top of the page. Together with this Home page, the menu is intended to be the primary gateway for you to access ALL the pages published in the wiki.

To learn about the wiki, go to About the Memento wiki The wiki's original author's blog archive is (will be) full of helpful articles, examples, templates, and skeleton databases to assist in making use of Memento. You can read it at Bill's Memento Database mementos.

Getting started with Memento

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Getting started with the Memento Wiki

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Receiving Memento product updates

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Getting Memento Database support


Getting Memento wiki support


Getting started with the Memento Wiki

qnote: Overview-column article types


qnote: Articles


qnote: Tips






Main index

This index gives you quick access to all pages in all sections of the wiki. The index is divided into the following sections:

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  • Memento overview - editions & platforms
  • Database structure - libraries, fields, & entries
  • User interface - Using the Mobile edition, Android platform
  • User interface - Using the Mobile edition, iOS platform
  • User interface - Using the Desktop edition, Windows platform
  • User interface - Using the Desktop edition, MacOS platform
  • User interface - Using the Desktop edition, Linux platform
  • Making a database into an application - Scripting, Orchestration, etc
  • Administration - backup/restore, Import/Export, etc
  • Support - Yada

Topics Overviews Specs About
Memento Database About:Memento Database

Memento Wiki
Useful links

User Interface How:Getting Started

About:Bill's mementos
About:Bill's tutorials
About:Bill's examples
Tutorial:Simple To Do List
Tutorial:Simple To Do List Enhancements
About:Color codes
CaseStudy:Designing Memento databases:Photographic equipment

Database tier wiki pages

Libraries & templates (both editions, except maybe with templates)

Database tier wiki pages
Elemental components Overviews Help

Library Template

Libraries List screen

Library Edit screen
Library Groups
Library Protection

How:Add a Library

Memento Mobile edition user interface

Topics Overviews Specifications
Mobile edition user interface Screens & cards Libraries List screen

Library Edit screen
Entries List screen
Entry Edit card
Entry View card
File Manager card
Attached Files card
Charting data

The Memento Desktop edition user interface

Topics Overviews
The Memento Desktop edition user interface Windows & panes


Calculation field

Link To Entry field
Link To File field


Appendix: Database & library structure

Fields, pages, & subheaders (both editions)

Topics Field Specifications

Field Edit card
Field Role
Field Type
Field Dependencies
Using JavaScript in Memento

Text fields
Rich text (HTML)
Phone number
Email address

Numeric fields

Integer values
Real number

Choice fields

Single-choice list
Radio buttons
Multiple-choice list
Dynamic List

Calculated expression fields

Date fields

Time fields


Linking fields

Link to entry
Link to file

Media fields


Miscellaneous fields


Special content fields
Audio field
Barcode field
Contact field
Location field
Rich Text field
Signature field

Entries & entry lists (both editions)

Topics Overviews Specifications

Data analysis

Entry View card

Entry Edit card
Libraries List screen
Entries List screen

How:Access a Previous Entry

How:Slice & Dice Library Data

Data Analysis (Slicing & dicing)
(Sorting, grouping, filtering, aggregation, & charting)

Topics Overviews Help
Slicing & Dicing


Entries List screen

Charting data

How:Slice & Dice Library Data

Scripting, Calculation, & App Integration

Topics Overviews Specifications
Scripting Calculation field

JavaScript field
Memento JavaScript Library
Data Sources

Tasker Integration

Trigger Examples
How:Write scripts in JavaScript for Memento
Tips:Using JavaScript in Memento

Installation & settings

Topics Overviews
Installation & settings Memento Settings

Import, export, synchronization, backup, & restore

Topics Overviews Help
Backup & Restore Importing and exporting data

How:Importing and exporting data
Formatting Templates screen
How:Formatting Templates screen

How:Backup & Restore

Tips:File Attachments

Cloud, platforms, & collaboration

Topics Overviews Specifications
Editions & Platforms

Cloud storage and Teamwork

About:Editions & Platforms

About:Cloud storage and Teamwork

Spec:Cloud Library Status card


Topics Specifications Help
Library Protection

Privacy Policy

Spec:Library Protection Guidance:Privacy Policy


Topics Overviews Help
Memento Client Applications Memento Clients Tips:Team for Business

Jump to the index

Jump to the top


Use one of the following avenues of support for Memento Database & its user wiki...

Support for the Memento wiki

The Memento Wiki is supported by a team of users who have committed to maintaining & enhancing the wiki.

NOTE: Bill, ask Vasiliy for a support@wiki.mementodatabase.com email address. I'll direct it to my email address until such time as Beth asks that I redirect it to her email address.

Support for Memento Database

Support for Memento Database is provided by the product vendor, LuckyDroid, by filling out a form and submitting it. The vendor generally responds within a few days.

Uninstalling, if desired

NOTE: <How to uninstall>

NOTE: Check Memento Help for instructions