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Preamble on database terminology

This is to get us on the same page regarding terms Memento users have used previously versus the terms chosen by Memento for its products. Jump to the database index

Memento terms and database industry terms

Sometimes some of us tend to use one set of terms for things, and some might use another set of terms for the same things, like "record" or (less often) "row" for a Memento entry and ... Yada

The Memento Database application comprises libraries (often known outside Memento as tables), entries (often known outside Memento as rows), and fields (often known outside Memento as columns). A common generic term, recognized everwhere for either entries or rows is records.

In the Memento forum, "field" and "record" are often used and "column" and "row" is seldom used. So, it's best to stick with either Memento's "entry" (since it's their forum, after all), but when others use or seem to prefer the database industry's "record", we'll all know what is meant by that, and we can accommodate them when interacting with them, message by message in the forum.

Databases and Libraries

Likewise, within the database industry overall, "database" is used to mean the entire set of data used by a hopefully identified user or group of users to accomplish the users' personal or professional objectives, comprising libraries, entries, and fields. So, a person might use one database at home and another at work, and though many libraries will be different between libraries (like Customers at work and Groceries at home), some libraries might be used both at home and at work, often the most common and generic libraries, like People or Organizations.

When a user's objectives are so small that a single library is enough, then in that case the database is the library. However, when a user's objectives require that libraries be linked together to accomplish the objectives, now the entire set of linked libraries constitute the database. That's why, whenever we go into Edit Library > Export to create a .template file, there's an option to include linked libraries. This makes the template a database export rather than merely a library export. For more on database exports, see Export a database.

Libraries can be linked so they can work together as a database. So, each library has a structure of fields & other things (see below for what things make up its structure), and each database has a structure of libraries & links between them (see About:Database structure#Examples for an example).

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