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The Library window menu bar has three of the same components as the Main window menu bar, File, Account and Help with these three additions:

Edit menu allows you to:

  • Add Entry creates a new entry in the selected Library
  • Add to Favorites tab at the bottom of the desktop screen, which when clicked displays entries that have been designated as a favorite. When more than one entry is highlighted the option to Remove from favorites is available.
  • Open any entry in New Window to get a clear view to all data added to it.
  • Edit one or several highlighted Library entries
  • Copy all data from an entry to a new entry
  • Delete one or several highlighted Library entries
  • Select All allows one to select all entries in the Library
  • Edit library structure fields, aggregations, options
  • Adjust Permissions of users that have access to a Library.
  • Create and add Scripts
  • Find allows one to search the database for an entry.

View menu allows you to set your view to one of the following:

  • List view in which entries are displayed as a textural list similar to a Word or Google Doc.
  • Table view in which entries are divided into rows and columns similar to Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Calendar view in which entries are in the format of the calendar of events.
  • Map
  • Entry view adds an additional sidebar to the right and displays all data related to the entry.

Data menu allows you to:

  • Import from CSV to add a bulk of data to the selected Library.
  • Export to CSV to create *.csv file that may be used in other applications.