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Once you've developed a library or a set of linked libraries that provide a capability, you can save their structure as a template that can be used by others. You can save the template as a file that you can share or convey to others, or you can post it to the Memento Online Template Catalog for others to use.

To create a template file:

  • Within the Library Edit screen, 3-dot menu > Export, choose a suitable name, and click Save. This creates a .template file which can later be transferred using a file management application.

To publish to the Memento Online Temple Catalog:

  1. Edit the library; if there are multiple linked libraries, edit the one that links to the others.
  2. From the Libraries List screen, press the 3-dot menu from your library icon, or from the library's Entries List screen, open the 3-dot menu from the upper-right corner of the screen and select Edit the Library.
  3. Open the 3-dot menu in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Share, name the template, select the related category, and give a small description to help others.

The structure of the library or libraries will go into the template. This includes metadata, such as the items of choice fields, field hints, etc. It does NOT include any data content, whether entered or imported to the library or libraries.

At this time, filters and triggers are not included in templates.