Library Settings screen

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The Library Settings screen provides settings for a library.

Data Operations

Clearing the Library

The user is prompted as to whether really to delete all library entries. If the user presses the Yes button, all entries are sent to the Recycle Bin.

Google Sheets

Synchronizing Files

The user may choose a cloud service to use for Google Sheets synchronization. By default, synchronization is not performed. If a sync link is initiated, then by default, Google Drive is used, if it is available. So, this is where non-default action should be specified.

Related Libraries

Set this switch on to synchronize related libraries prior to this one.

Unlink from Google Sheets

Press the Unlink from Google Sheets button to sever the Library's link to Google Sheets.


Remove Protection

If the library is protected, this option is enabled to allow the user to remove the protection.

Lock Structure

Set this option On to permit the changing of library structure.


Edit Mode

Set this option On to go into the Entry Edit card When an entry is trapped, instead of the Entry View card.