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« Page as of 2021-02-21, Desktop edition 1.8.1 »

The Libraries List pane has the following parts:

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The Libraries List

The Libraries list can be viewed as larger or smaller tiles or as icons. The view to be used can be selected in the Action Menu.

The Libraries in the current library group is displayed. The Group can be selected by panning left or right or by selecting the group from the Group/Main Menu.

Library Tiles & Icons

Touching an icon or tile opens the library. Each tile has a Library Menu and possibly also an Add Entry Menu.

Icons or tiles may be moved (reordered) within the group by dragging.

The Action Menu

Touching the 3-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the screen opens the Action Menu, allowing the user to perform one of the following actions:

Add Library
Opens the Library Edit screen for a new library in the current group
Add Group
Accepts the name of a new group and adds a new group with that name
Open by URL
Accepts a library name at and opens that library
Rename Group
Presents the name of the current group, allowing the user to alter that name, and accepts the new name as the name of the current group
Allows selection of the desired Library List view. The available views are: Large Tile view, Small Tile view, and Icons view

The Group/Main Menu

Touching the 3-line menu in the upper-left corner of the screen opens the Group/Main Menu, which allows selection of the Group to be displayed. The developer occasionally refers to this menu as the slide menu. Some people like to call the 3-line icon a hamburger icon and thus the menu as the hamburger menu.

Below the list of groups, the following menu items are displayed:

Show an Entries list of entries marked as Favorites across all libraries
Show an Entries list of entries across all libraries updated in History
Recycle Bin
Show a Libraries list of the Recycle Bin

Below that, the following menu items are displayed:

Catalog templates
Show a Templates list of catalogued library templates
Cloud storage
Show a Cloud Libraries list (not a normal Libraries list) that are synchronized with Memento Cloud Storage
Sync with Google
Initiates the synchronization process with Google Sheets on Google Drive. This starts immediately and may continue for a while, depending on how many libraries and entries are to be synchronized.

Below that, the following menu items are displayed:

Show and allow update of Memento settings
Open the Help menu, containing the following menu options:
Help Contents
Initiate the Internet browser at the Memento Database Wiki Web site
Initiate the Internet browser at the Memento Database Forum Web site
Show this FAQ in the Internet browser
Shows the Memento language translation page in an Internet browser
User Voice
Initiates Memento User Voice (feature requests) in an Internet browser
Desktop version
In an Internet browser, shows the page for the Desktop version of Memento
What's New?
Displays a list of features implemented in the last several Memento releases, with brief hints as to how to use them
Show the About screen, containing version number and license type

The Library Menu

Touching the 3-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the library tile opens a menu of actions that may be performed on the Library.

Create a matter password for Memento libraries, if not already created, and set this library to require the password before opening
Upload to cloud
Upload this library to the Memento Cloud
Link or Sync To Google Sheets
If not already linked to Google Sheets, link the library to Google Sheets, this creating a new Google Sheets file on the user's Google Drive. If already linked to Google Sheets, sync it now.
Create shortcut
Create a shortcut on the device's home screen to open either the library's Entry List or its Add Entry card.
Make a copy of the library structure and optionally also its contents (entries)
Note that the expressions (scripts) of Calculation and JavaScript fields are copied, but triggers are not.
Open the library for editing
Move the library to a different group
Delete the library