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« Page as of 2016-10-26, editions Mobile 3.9.7, Desktop 1.0.3 »

To add a new library:

Press the Add Library button
Open the menu in the Libraries List screen and select Add library.There is no floating Add (+) button on this screen in the current version.
Determine starting point
If you want to use or start work from a template, you may select one. You can use a template already structured with fields, or you can select the Empty library template and create all library fields yourself. Also you can select a template from the online catalog. You can edit and customize the ready templates as well as the Empty library template.
Structure your new library
After you select the template, you will see they Library Edit screen, where you can begin to structure your library with fields, pages, aggregations, autofill rules, etc. The new library already contains the set of fields from the selected template, if any.

Online catalog of library templates

You can create libraries using templates that other users have uploaded to the online catalog. For that purpose, when creating a library, on the template list select From online catalog.

If you would like to share your template with friends, you can publish it in the online catalog. For that purpose, open the library editor screen and then click on the Share menu item.