Formatting Templates screen

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A formatting template specifies, for each field in the library, how the field value should be formatted for the outside source or destination.

The Formatting Templates screen contains:

In the upper-left corner of the screen
an left-arrow button to exit the screen
In the Title Bar,
The Library name and the formatting function
In the upper-right corner of the screen,
a plus (+) icon to Add a template
The name of the current formatting template
default or other
The name of a field in the library
with a drop-down list to select other fields
Formatting options for the field
on/off switches, on by default
Send field
or don't
...and if so...
Start a new line
or not
Include the field name
or not
...and if so...
Include a colon after the field name
or don't

The user may adjust these settings field by field, one by one.