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When in the Library Edit screen, when adding a field to a library page or when selecting an existing field, the Field Edit card is displayed in front of the Library Edit screen.

The specific Field Edit Card depends on the field type, but the formats are similar:

Field name and hint
These are standard across all field types.
Field names can be more or less any UTF-8 characters, though this is limited by the abilities of keyboards and keyboard applications to handle character values. Field names may be mixed case, but field name uniqueness depends on field names differing when case is folded to lower case.
The field hint is passively displayed in the field entry blank to assist the user in knowing what or how to enter the value.
Advanced parameters
Advanced parameters often include Required? or Default Value. Each field type will have others that make sense for that type.
Display options
Display options often include the font to use to display the field value, whether to show the field name on the Entry View card, and so on.
Dependencies of the field
Fields of certain types may be set to be either visible or hidden, depending upon the value of another field.

Each field type will have others that make sense for that type.

See Also

Field for more information.

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