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Fields are the primary elements of a library's structure. A field is a holder for a unit of data, or value. Every field has a type, a name, and a hint. Fields may also have advanced parameters or display options, depending on the type of the field.

Field names are case-sensitive and may contain spaces. (ie: "My Field Name", "MyFieldName") In theory, any string of UTF-8 characters can make up a field name, though in practice, certain limitations may apply, such as using periods, percents, or at signs ('.', '%', or '@', My@FieldName) which may become problematic during expression evaluation in Calculation and JavaScript fields and likely also in trigger scripts.

Field hints will be displayed in the field during editing to prompt the user for what to type.

Fields are created and edited during the editing of a library.

The sequence of fields within the library is significant. The Order in which the fields are displayed on the Field Edit card is based on their order within the Fields tab in the library.