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The Entry View card displays the values of the nonempty fields of the current or selected entry.

The parts of the Entry View card are:

Card Header Bar

At the top of the card is the Header Bar.

Exit button

At the leftmost edge of the bar is the Exit (left-arrow) button. Touching it exits the card back to the underlying screen, normally the Entries List screen.

Entry Name

The center portion of the bar contains the Entry Name. If there is only one field with the Role of Entry Name, then it is the value of that field. If there are multiple such fields, it is the concatenation of those fields, separated by spaces.

Edit button

Toward the right edge of the bar is the Edit (pencil) button. Touching it opens the Entry Edit card on the Entry.

Share button

The next button to the right is the Share button. When pressed, the Share button opens a list of applications on the device that support the Share interface. This enables the user to coy the contents of the entry elsewhere via a sharing application.

3-dot menu


Card Body

Field values by page

The body of the card is used to display fields and their values.

If additional pages have been added to the library, there will be a row of tabs at the top of the card body, one for each page — MAIN and those that have been added. If no additional pages have been added, there will be no tab row, but the MAIN page will be displayed.

The fields of the current page are then displayed in the order in which they are defined.

Normally, each field is displayed on its own row. Each field's name is displayed at the top of the row left-justified, with its value displayed below that, also left-justified.

If a field's setting One row with prev is set on, it will be displayed to the right and, if possible, on the same row as the previous field. If that isn't possible (because the previous field was itself a One row with prev field), it will be displayed on the right and on the row below the previous field.

Each page will scroll as needed, and the user well tap tabs add needed to switch between pages.

Card Footer Bar

At the bottom of the card is a Footer Bar.

At the left of the bar are left & right buttons, allowing the user to move backward & forward from entry to entry.

In the middle of the bar, the relative entry number and the full count of entries are displayed.

At the right of the bar is a Favorite (5-pointed star) button, empty by default, for a nonfavorite, and solid if marked as a favorite.