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The Memento Wiki

This wiki is under development. As such, it will just stop in some places, generally with red links indicating pages yet to be written. You may also encounter pages that display an "UNDER DEVELOPMENT" message at the top. We recommend you wait until the message goes away before reading, as it might be erroneous.

While most aspects of Memento are common between the Mobile and Desktop editions, this wiki (generally) contains only information about the Mobile edition of Memento. Each page shows at the top of the page the version of the Mobile edition current as of the most recent change to the page. It also shows the version number of the Desktop edition current as of that date. Note the Help accessible within the app and from Help on the Web site. Memento Help contains assistance for both the Mobile and Desktop editions.

An index to the pages of the wiki may be accessed via the following Index in the form of a table containing links to Wiki pages grouped vertically by topic and horizontally by the columns of Overviews, Specifications, Techniques, Tips, How, & Tutorials. Use the Index & wiki links throughout the wiki to navigate around among the pages of the wiki.

Where do I start with Memento?

To start at the beginning, read the Memento Overview.
Read Library Overview about Memento's primary data structure.
The Field Overview will get you started on the elements of data structure within libraries. Then, read in the Index, using Overviews as needed, and Articles, Tips, How-to, and Techniques to learn whether you need it. Use specifications to look up Memento components as needed.

Where do I go to learn how to use JavaScript to do more advanced things in Memento?

Advanced users, use the Index below to navigate in Memento.


The wiki is continually under development, so stay tuned for more articles about Memento and its use.

See what's new in Memento.

See what's new in the Memento Wiki.

Read more about this wiki.

Most recently added pages: Dynamic List field, Tags field

Most recently updated pages: What's new in the Wiki, Memento Wiki with new section on learning JavaScript

Within Specifications (or Specs), begin with User Interface for descriptions of screens, cards, menus, buttons, dialogs, etc.

Field is the best specification page for starting out with fields. Field Type is one of the most popular spec pages.

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Other assistance

Unlike before the wiki, nowadays the Memento app has some Help within the app, developed by LuckyDroid. You can access it right next to where you access the wiki. The Help is oriented less for Power Users than the wiki and more for general users and beginners.

Previous, obsolete documentation (erroneous & misleading)

Previous Memento documentation has been subsumed within the wiki. It is listed here for reference, but its content has not been updated in quite a while and is not likely to be updated going forward.

Its content is now obsolete.