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This is the home page for shared development of the Memento Wiki. It contains links for launching into development areas (the "Index"), info for developers, etc.


This index contains the following sections (Page - Description (Nickname)):

  • WikiDev: Development work - The space for development by individual authors (Dev)
  • Dev: Review - The space for work submitted by authors to be reviewed for approval by the team (Review)
  • Dev: Staging - The space for team-approved work to be staged for deployment to production (Staging)

Info for developers/authors

Tips: Authoring in WikiMedia for the Memento wiki

Memento Wiki standards
Internal references
The symbol º is used to refer to another term, phrase, or sentence within the current page. For example:
A funny term; See the term Xyzzyº
A "magic" word from the video game ADVENT that had been popular long ago. It became popular as a nonsense word and is now found all around the Internet especially among the gaming and software development communities, but among other communities as well.

Page development glossary

Abbreviations & acronyms
Development Environmentº
Memento JavaScript
The Memento JavaScript Library
The Memento Wiki
Development Environment
A set of procedures & tools that work together to help development teams accomplish their joint mission of managing phasesº including development, testing and/or review, acceptance by users (if appropriate), and deployment into a production environment along with the process of migratingº the software or other items being developed from phase to phase. (A sentence from hell, no? No, for one thing, it isn't a sentence.)
Development phase
A phase of the development process
Work Migration
The movement of software, Web pages, or other items being developed from one phase to the next
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