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This is the home page for shared development of the Memento Wiki. It contains links for launching into development areas (the "Index"), info for developers, etc.

Work Migration Index

Work goes through these phases:

  • Drafts - Not really a phase. Drafts of new wiki pages may be created in any way. Nothing is tracked. When they are ready to be tested, they will be entered into Authoring.
  • The Authoring phase - Each author has their own workspace to work on pages from either Drafts or Production and are submitted for Review from here.
  • The Review phase - Pages & resources submitted by authors will be reviewed by the admin team in the Review phase. Once the team approves of the page & its resources, it will be moved into the Staging phase.
  • Regarding the remaining phases, how they operate depends on the number of admins that are tending to the wiki.
    • If there is only one admin, that admin should update the wiki very carefully, preserving master copies of the new & updated pages & resources and making all updates in one action or at least very quickly, so the wiki never appears inconsistent to readers.
    • If two or three admins exist, the procedure to update the wiki with the new or updated pages & resources should be coordinated for the same reason as above, but this can be done informally if there is agreement between them as to steps to be performed.
    • If there are more than three admins, the steps mentioned above & detailed below should be formally in place, so that all are coordinated & in agreement as the process takes place.

  • The Staging phase - In this phase, the admins archive these master copies of wiki pages & resources.
Then they will prepare them for releasing them to group pages & their resources such that interdependent pages will later be deployed as a unit; the information for this will come mainly from the authors, but maybe also from reviewers. It's not necessary for pages that are not interdependent with other pages to be grouped.
Page Nickname About
Dev: Authoring Authoring The space for development by individual authors
Dev: Review Review The space for work submitted by authors to be reviewed for approval by the team
Dev: Staging Staging The space for team-approved work to be staged for deployment to production

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