Creating a new library

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To create a new Library, choose New Library option from File menu or the relevant link from the Welcome to Memento Database Desktop page. A new window will be opened. It consists of the following areas:


  1. Library name is used to identify your Library.
  2. Toolbar helps with some common actions. Using it, you can:
    • Add a new Field of the chosen type
    • Add a new Page — consists of a group of fields
    • Reorder the fields up or down
    • Copy the selected field
    • Delete the selected field
    • Share your Library to the public template collection
  3. Main area is your working place. Here you can see and adjust the fields, pages and subheaders.
  4. Properties are connected to fields and differ from one field type to another
  5. Items tab would appear here for those field types that are represented with a list. Here you can add items to this list.
  6. Dependencies tab allows you to adjust the relationship between the chosen fields and other ones in this Library
  7. Save and Cancel buttons allows you to save all your changes or close the window without saving anything.