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A Contact field may contain a link to a contact in the local mobile Contacts / Address book application. The contact's name and phone number may be referenced using this link.

When the field value is pressed while in the Entry View card, the device's default contact app is launched to display the contact.

The link may be to one or more contacts.

When a contact is deleted from the address book, the link to it will be lost.

Contact fields may not be imported.

Textual, case-insensitive field identifier that can include spaces; it's best to avoid characters that can be used as operators, though (standard across all field types)
Textual, case-insensitive field identifier that can include spaces

Advanced Parameters

Make entry of a value mandatory before saving an entry

Display Options

Display in the list as
Select among the following roles for the current field:
  • As a Regular field
  • As an Entry Name
  • As an Entry Description

When displayed as an Entry Name or Entry Description, the contact is shown. When shown in an entry card or as the string result of a calculation reference, the contact name and phone number are shown.

The field name
Display the name of the field in the card entry (By default, On). By this, it is meant that the field name will or will not be displayed on either the Entry View card or the Entry Edit card.
Ability to add one or more visibility dependencies upon fields with qualifying types.