Cloud storage and Teamwork

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All your libraries can be stored in the cloud. All your entries, photos and files will be synchronized automatically.

Upload a library

To upload a library to the cloud, open the side menu of the library (swipe the screen left to right) and then select Cloud.

If you are not registered on the Memento server yet, you will be offered to do it, and after the registration, the library will be uploaded to the cloud.

Sync libraries between devices

Upon uploading the library to the cloud, you can have access to it from any Android device.

Follow these instructions to download a library to a new device:

  1. Open the main side menu of the application and choose Cloud storage.
  2. You will see a list of all your libraries that have been uploaded to the cloud; choose the library you want to download to your device.
  3. Select Download library.
  4. Now you have a locale of the library on your device. It will be automatically synchronized with the cloud.


You can provide access to your libraries to other users.
You can entitle any user to have an access to your library entries.
The following types of rights are supported: read, create, edit, delete.
In addition, you can give rights to edit and delete only entries created by the user.

Follow these instructions to provide an access to your libraries:

  1. Open the side menu of the library (swipe the screen left to right) and then select Cloud.
  2. Click on Add people.
  3. Enter the user’s name or e-mail.
  4. Adjust access rights and click Ok
  5. After that this user will be able to download your library to his/her device.

Follow these instructions to download the library to which you have an access:

  1. You will receive a letter containing the address of the library, as soon as you are provided with an access to it. Click this address (it starts with, but instead of your browser you should choose Memento Database to open the link.
  2. You will see a screen with information about the library; now click Download library to download the library to your device.
  3. You can also open the screen of library download directly in Memento: open the menu, choose Open by URL and enter the library address.

You can always see the list of libraries to which you have an access. Just open the main side menu and choose Cloud storage. All libraries, access to which was given to you by other users will be displayed in the Shared with me list.


The admin can add new users to their team on tariffs referred to Team category.

  • All members of their team will get access to PRO functions provided by the app.
  • Moreover, the admin of the team is provided with additional instruments to manage users and their access to libraries.
  • The storage quota applies to all team users.

Team user management

To switch to the user management window, open the main side menu, select Cloud Storage and press Users button located on the toolbar. How to create a new user?

  1. Open the user management window.
  2. Press + button
  3. Enter new user’s data - email, username.
  4. You can set the password yourself or use a randomly generated password.
  5. Press ОК button.

Now a new user is created and their login data will be sent to their email.

How to delete a user?

  1. Open the user management window.
  2. Press the button that looks like three points located in front of the user and select Delete.


Team users can be divided into groups for the purposes of convenient management of rights ensuring access to libraries.

How to create a group and include users into it:

  1. Open the user management window, switch to the “Groups” tab and press “+”.
  2. Press the newly created group and check the users that should be included into it.

Now it will be enough to customize rights ensuring access to libraries for the group and all users, who are included into it, will get access to the library.

Rights advanced settings

In the window, where you can set rights ensuring access to libraries, you can restrict access to certain fields, e.g. hide a certain field or make a certain field available only for reading. To add field restrictions, open the dialog that allows to set rights ensuring access to libraries and press Add a field button.

The team admin is a user, who subscribed for Team tariff. The admin will have full access to all team libraries.


  • You can work with your libraries offline, your data will be uploaded to the cloud as soon as your device is connected to the Internet.
  • The size of your cloud storage is 50Mb. You can get additional space if you subscribe for any tariff plan.
  • Memento Server is based on Google Cloud platform. All your data are stored in Google Cloud Storage. Interaction between the application and the cloud is protected by cryptographic protocol TLS.