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This is the Specifications (Spec) category of the Memento Wiki. These pages constitute a manual for Memento and will soon subsume the User Manual that previously existed.

To find your way around, use the following as an index of sorts.

Libraries (Libraries List screen, Library Edit screen)
Screens of them, lists of them, groups of them, defining & editing their structure, aggregation, autofill, templates, etc.
Fields (Field, Field Type, Library Edit screen)
Types of them, pages of them, roles, dependencies, adding & editing them, etc.
Entries (Library Entries List screen, Entry View card, Entry Edit card)
Lists of them, grouping/sorting/filtering them,
Associated files (stay tuned)
Sorting them, finding them, backing them up syncing them
The product (Platforms)
Platforms, editions, versions
The Memento Cloud (stay tuned)
Levels of it