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This card displays a list of the files attached to this entry, if any.

The parts of the card are:

Exit button
Dismisses the card and return to the underlying screen, normally the Library Entries List screen
Card title
"Attached Files"
Action (3-dot) Menu
The Action Menu has the following options:
by name
by size
Display a group bar for each entry, grouping files by entry.

The Files List

Whether grouped or not, the Files List occupies the center of the card, as bars.

Each bar is structured as follows:

Thumbnail image
For Image files, leftmost is the image as a thumbnail.
File name & path
The name of the file, with extension. Underneath that is the path name of the directory containing the file.
File size
Toward the right in the bar is the file size.
File Action (3-dot) menu
The following submenu is displayed:
Show in entry
Shows the Entry View card containing the file
Show in folder
Displays a list of apps that might show the file in a file folder