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What is the Memento Database application?

An application for the creation & use of a database on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer

Memento Database enables its users to create & then use a database supporting a process to meet an objective. Each database can be composed of one or more libraries each containing information about a subject. Libraries are very often called tables in common database parlance. Another similar tool is a spreadsheet, with rows & columns, though Memento databases are much more powerful and often easy to use as compared with spreadsheets.

A library allows information about the subject to be stored as fields. In a table, a field might be shown as a column with a column name. Likewise, a library's fields have names, such as Product name, Purchase date, or Sales price.

Each row of a spreadsheet or record in a table corresponds to an entry in a Memento library. A library's entries may be displayed as a list in List view or as rows of a grid in Memento's Table view or as cards in Card view, and there are other views as well. See Library views for more information.