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Getting started
Wiki | Memento
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Wiki | Memento

Getting started with Memento

Are you new to Memento (Memento Database)?


Read the Memento Database for an overview.

Using Memento's primary data structure

Read the Library Overview page.

-- To learn what's inside a library --

-- Read the Field Overview page --

-- Read the Entries Overview page --

Learn about extending Memento

Read more, Then, read in the Index, using Overviews as needed, and Articles, Tips, How-to, and Techniques to learn whether you need it. Use specifications to look up Memento components as needed.

Learn about Memento's editions, platforms, & releases

While most aspects of Memento are common between the Mobile and Desktop editions, this wiki (generally) contains only information about the Mobile edition of Memento. Each page shows at the top of the page the version of the Mobile edition current as of the most recent change to the page. It also shows the version number of the Desktop edition current as of that date. Note the Help accessible within the app and from Help on the MementoDatabase.com Web site. Memento Help contains assistance for both the Mobile and Desktop editions.

Learning to use Memento Database

Get to what you want in the Memento Database using its [Using:Indexes|indexes.]] An index to the pages of the wiki may be accessed via the following Index in the form of a table containing links to Wiki pages grouped vertically by topic and horizontally by the columns of Overviews, Specifications, Techniques, Tips, How, & Tutorials. Use the Index & wiki links throughout the wiki to navigate around among the pages of the wiki.