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Database Management

The Memento Database application as part of the overall database scene


Other Database Apps


Mobile Database Apps




The Mobile Database scene


The Older PC Database scene


=== The RDBMS Industry


Relational Database Management Systems


What All This Means to You


With a DBMS (in mobile parlance, a database app) that suits your needs, you can, perhaps among other things...

  • keep track of all your fielded data
  • design & create new ones
  • update existing ones
  • delete them
  • back them up & then restore them
  • move them among your various devices
  • publish them in the cloud
  • important from formats like CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files or other databases (if standards exist & are followed by importer & exporter)
  • possibly synchronize instances of the database across devices potentially located across the Internet

Database design & the features to support it

Scope: Sizing your database needs

From smallest & least complex to largest & most complex, let's look at broad categories of database design.


The simplest lists, such as grocery lists & task lists can fit into one library (table), if you focus only on one aspect, such the the groceries or the tasks. Here are some aspects that would cause a 2nd table to be utilized...

  • Maybe you buy some items very often, and you'd like to select them from a list. (Keep in mind that a list can be supported inside a library if all you need is to select them & maybe indicate ...

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