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« as of 2018-09-27, editions Mobile 4.5.5, Desktop 1.1.0 »

A Time field may contain any time of day.

In Calculation fields, the value used is that used by Unix and Linux systems to represent times, which is the number of seconds since 00:00:00 of the current day. In JavaScript fields, the value used is based on that used by Unix and Linux systems to represent times, but is instead, the number on milliseconds since 00:00:00.000 of the current day.

This value allows time arithmetic to work readily, by merely doing integer arithmetic with the value.

When a time value is interpreted for import, export, or display in hours, minutes, and seconds, the current locale is used. The format for import and export can be specified in program settings.

Name and Hint

Standard across all field types.

Advanced Parameters

Default Value 
By default, there is no default value. Alternatively, the default may be set to the current time as of entry or edit of the field within an entry.
« The Time formats parameter applies to the mobile edition only »
Time formats
The format may be specified explicitly. Selecting Time formats causes a card to appear in which these properties may be changed:
The language/locale may be set.
Short time
The user may select among a number of choices for the short form of a time.
Long time
The user may select among a number of choices for the long form of a time.
Make entry of a value mandatory before saving an entry

Display Options

Display in the list as 
Select among the following roles for the current field:
  • As a Regular field
  • As an Entry Name
  • As an Entry Description
  • As an Entry Status
Used in calendar as 
The field may be set to be used as a duration in the calendar.
The field name
Display the name of the field in the card entry (By default, On). By this, it is meant that the field name will or will not be displayed on either the Entry View card or the Entry Edit card.
Choices are:
  • Family: Regular, Light, Condensed, Thin, Medium. By default, Regular.
  • Style: Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic. By default, Normal.
  • Size: By default, 18. Direct entry to change.
  • Color: By default, White. Palette of 20 colors, backed up by a continuously variable color chooser.
Ability to add one or more visibility dependencies upon fields with qualifying types.