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Support for Memento Database & its user wiki

Memento (LuckyDroid) provides the various Java apps in a couple of editions, each having a couple of platforms.

The wiki, developed & maintained by the Wiki team, is referenced by the Memento app (in addition to its own built-in Help), and provides hosting for the MediaWiki software used by the wiki -- originally developed as the foundation & infrastructure for Wikipedia, as it was being developed in parallel. With these two exceptions, it is the Wiki team that has provided & continues to provide the wiki. See The Wiki team for info on the Wiki team.

Support for Memento Database

Support for Memento Database is provided by the product vendor, LuckyDroid, by filling out [ a form and submitting it] or by sending an email message to The vendor generally responds within a few days.

Support for the Memento wiki

The Memento Wiki is supported by a team of users who have committed to maintaining & enhancing the wiki.

NOTE: Bill, ask Vasiliy for a email address. I'll direct it to my email address until such time as Beth asks that I redirect it to her email address.

Uninstalling, if desired

NOTE: <How to uninstall>

NOTE: Check Memento Help for instructions