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| colspan="1" style="font-size:300%;" | Memento Wiki documentation home
= <big><strong>Wiki Documentation</strong></big> =
Welcome to the documentation of the Memento Database wiki!
== Structure Focus ==The Memento wiki is..''directed toward the Memento user'' whether proficient in JavaScript or educated in database design or not.== Purpose ==The internal product documentation While interesting content, maybe of Memento Database appsgeneral educational or historical value, may be important to understand, these topics should ''not get in the way of wiki users who'' might not have much time to spend gathering information because of their ''need to get things done promptly in their business or other pursuit.'' The wiki is first & foremost a reference tool, so quick & effective access to specific information is paramount.Sections of narrative value should be placed to the side, but it is important that it be clear as to what & where it is so users can access it when they have time.= <big><strong>Wiki Documentation</strong></big> =<big>Our primary objective is one of balance: between desktop & mobile editions, between bottom-up & top-down link structure, between simplicity & complexity, etc.Welcome to There are topics that are not covered out maybe not even mentioned in the documentation of wiki only because there hasn't been apparent need for or interest in these topics, which include the JasperSoft report writer, the Private Server, & the Memento Database wikiJava (''not JavaScript!'') API.</big>== Structure ==
The wiki is...
== Purpose ==
When the original wiki author, Bill Crews, first began using the only edition at that time, the mobile edition, Memento was at release 3.7.0, and the documentation consisted of 2 documents -- the Manual and the FAQ, both of which were extremely sparse and worse -- out of date. There were 14 field types at that time.
| style="text-align:center;" | <big>Memento Wiki documentation</big>
= New doc home =
This documentation started to be developed in April of 2021. It is being developed by both Bill Crews and Beth Dixon. It presents information equally between the Mobile & Desktop editions. common between the Mobile and Desktop editions.
An index to the pages of the documentation may be accessed via the following Documentation Index in the form of a table containing links to wiki pages grouped vertically by topic and horizontally by the columns of Overviews, Specifications, Techniques, Tips, How, & Tutorials. Use the Index & wiki links throughout the wiki to navigate around among the pages of the documentation.
=== Categories ===
== Remainder of the Main Page ==
... for quick & easy reference & also to steal text or formatting from
=== How to learn to use Memento? ===
'''[[Field]]''' is the best specification page for starting out with fields. '''[[Field Type]]''' is one of the most popular spec pages.
== Navigation Documentation index ==
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! Topics !! Overviews !! Specs !! Tips,<br/>Techniques, How, Tutorials
| width "20" | <big>'''Memento Database'''</big>
| width "20" | [[Memento Database]]
<br/>[[How:Simple To Do List Enhancements]]
| <big>'''Libraries<br/> & templates'''</big> 
| [[Library]]
[[Library Template]]
| [[How:Add a Library]]
| <big>'''Fields, pages,<br/>& subheaders'''</big> 
| [[Field]]
[[Field Edit card]]
<br/>[[Field Type]]
|<big>'''''Text'' fields'''</big>:[[Audio Text field|Text]]:[[Barcode Phone Number field|Phone number]]:[[Email Address field|<br/span style="font-size:100%">Email address]]:[[Boolean Hyperlink field|Hyperlink]]<br/>:[[Calculation Password field|Password]]<br/>:[[Checkboxes Barcode field|Barcode]] <brbig>'''''Numeric'' fields'''</big>:[[Contact Integer field|Integer]]<br/>:[[Currency Integer values field|Integer values]]<br/>:[[Date Currency field|Currency]]<br/>:[[DateTime Real number field|Real number]]<br/>:[[Email Address Rating field|Reading]] <brbig>'''''Date'' fields'''</big>:[[Hyperlink Date field|Date]]<br/>:[[Image DateTime field|DateTime]] <brbig>'''''Miscellaneous'' fields (alphabetical)'''</big>:[[Integer Audio field|Audio]]<br/>:[[Integer values Boolean field|Boolean]]<br/>:[[JavaScript Calculation field|Calculation]]<br/>:[[Link To Entry Checkboxes field|Checkboxes]]<br/>:[[Link To File Contact field|Contact]]<br/>:[[List Image field|Image]]<br/>:[[Location JavaScript field|JavaScript]]<br/>:[[Multiple-choice List Link To Entry field|Link to entry]]<br/>:[[Password Link To File field|Link to file]]<br/>:[[Phone Number List field|List]]<br/>:[[Radio Buttons Location field|Location]]<br/>:[[Rating Multiple-choice List field|Multiple-choice list]]<br/>:[[Real number Radio Buttons field|Radio buttons]]<br/>:[[Rich Text field|Rich text]]<br/>:[[Signature field|Signature]]<br/>:[[Single-choice List field|Single-choice list]]<br/>:[[Tags field|Tags]]<br/>:[[Text Time field]]<br/>[[|Time field]] | [[How:Field Dependencies|Field Dependencies]][[Tips:Using JavaScript in Memento|Using JavaScript in Memento]]
| <big>'''Entries<br/>& entry lists'''</big> 
| [[Entry]]
[[Slicing & DicingData analysis]]
| [[Entry View card]]
[[Entry Edit card]]
[[How:Slice & Dice Library Data]]
| <big>'''Displays in the Memento mobile edition'''</big> 
| [[Screens & cards]]
| [[Libraries List screen]]
<br/>[[Charting data]]
| <big>'''Displays in the Memento desktop edition'''</big> 
| [[Windows & panes]]
| <big>'''Special content'''</big>
| [[Audio field]]
<br/>[[Signature field]]
| <big>'''Linking'''</big>
| [[Calculation field]]
<br/>[[Link To File field]]
| <big>'''Slicing & dicing<br/>/ Data Analysis<br/>(Sorting, grouping, filtering, aggregation, & charting)'''<big> 
| [[Slicing & Dicing]]
| [[How:Slice & Dice Library Data]]
| <big>'''Scripting, Calculation,<br/>& App Integration'''</big> 
| [[Scripting]]
| [[Calculation field]]
<br/>[[Tips:Using JavaScript in Memento]]
| <big>'''Installation<br/> & settings'''</big>
| [[Memento Settings]]
| <big>'''Import, export,<br/>synchronization,<br/> backup, restore'''</big> 
| [[Backup & Restore]]
| [[Importing and exporting data]]
| [[Tips:File Attachments]]
| <big>'''Cloud, platforms,<br/> & collaboration'''</big> 
| [[Platforms]]
[[Cloud storage and Teamwork]]
| [[Cloud Library Status card]]
| <big>'''Security'''</big> 
| [[Privacy Policy]]
[[Library Protection]]
| <big>'''Products'''</big> 
| [[Memento Clients]]
[[Private Server]]
| || [[Tips:Team for Business]]
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