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; <div id=card></div>Card
: (Mobile term)
: Synonyms: [[#dialog|Dialog]], [[#form|Form]]<br/>In the mobile edition, a proper subset of a screen that pops up modally in front of a screen to support the collection of information or performance of a task, and upon completion, returns to the "underlying" screen. That is, it is ''modal''; when the card pops up, the user is in the card mode; when the card is completed or dismissed, the user is returned to the screen mode.
; <div id=cards_view></div>Cards view
: (Mobile feature)
: In the mobile edition, in '''''Card view''''', the Display of entries in a list in the form of cards, shown 2-up on the list screen, and showing the same information as is shown in '''''List view''''' &mdash; namely, thumbnail (if any), entry name, entry description, and entry status. ''See [[#view|View]].''