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Synchronizing data

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To initiate Sheets synchronization for a library:
# Link the library to a new or existing Sheets file on Google Drive by opening the Library Entries List screen and then its Action menu. If the library is already set up to synchronize with a Sheets file, the option will be entitled "Sync with Google Sheets". If not, it will be entitled "Link To Google Sheets". Since we are initiating sync, select ''Link to Google Sheets''.
# A card will appear with an option ''Link to new document''. If you want to create a new Google spreadsheet with records from the Memento library, select ''Link to new document''. In this case, a new Google Sheets file will be created on the Google Drive (access to that account required) in the root (My Drive) directory, and a sheet row will be created for every library entry. You can then use Google Sheets to view, edit, add, and delete rows/entries.
# To synchronize changes made in Memento and Google Sheets, open the library's Action menu and select ''Sync with Google Sheets''.