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« as of 2016-08-30, editions Mobile 3.9.7, Desktop 1.0.3 »

A Rating field may be empty or contain an integer value from 0 to 10.

A Rating field is exported and imported as an integer.

Name and Hint

Standard across all field types.

Advanced Parameters

Maximum number of stars 
By default, a rating has a maximum of 5 stars. An alternate value from 2 to 10 may be entered.
Default Value 
By default, the default value for a eating is 0. An alternate value from 0 to 10 may be selected.
For each of the possible values of a rating, a string may be entered to act as a tooltip for that rating.
Make entry of a value mandatory before saving an entry

Display Options

Display in the list as 
Select among the following roles for the current field:
  • As a Regular field
  • As an Entry Name
  • As an Entry Description
  • As an Entry Status
The field name
Display the name of the field in the card entry (By default, On). By this, it is meant that the field name will or will not be displayed on either the Entry View card or the Entry Edit card.
Choices are:
  • Family: Regular, Light, Condensed, Thin, Medium. By default, Regular.
  • Style: Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic. By default, Normal.
  • Size: By default, 18. Direct entry to change.
  • Color: By default, White. Palette of 20 colors, backed up by a continuously variable color chooser.
Ability to add one or more visibility dependencies upon fields with qualifying types.