Dev: Beth's Mobile Version Vs Desktop Version

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Switch between Libaries Header bar allows you to switch between Libraries by tapping on the down arrow beside the library name and selecting the appropriate library. Sidebar allows you to switch between Libraries by clicking on the library name in the list. (Note to myself...this paragraph is taken from Memento Help.)
Edit a Library In Library Entries List screen tap on three dots in the upper right corner of the Header bar and select Edit Library. From the Menu bar select Edit, scroll down and select Edit library.
Set uppercase Option for text to be uppercase In the beginning of the sentence; At The Beginning Of Each Word; or ALL LETTERS. Not available.
Sort a Multiple-choice/Single-choice list Edit Library/Tap field/tap three dots/check Sort by title. (Note to myself...check proper terminology for this.) From the Menu bar select the Library that contains the Multi-choice or Single-choice field that you wish to sort. Click on the field. In the Items list select your item and tap on ^ (up arrow) or down arrow to move item into appropriate alphabetical order.
Set up Filters Filters can be set up as tabs. Filters are set as drop down list.